"The Old Man and the Sea" by Ernest Hemmingway: Analytical Book Report

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What I found interesting in "The Old Man and the Sea" was how Santiago chased the Great Fish. First, it took a lot of courage and stamina as he stayed with the fish. Santiago did not sleep for one day and then in the next day, he only got a little sleep. He also ate raw fish. Santiago must had been so lonely during his hunt, so he just talked to himself. Santiago always wanted Manolin with him. I was also surprised by Manolin's friendship with Santiago. Santiago taught Manolin how to fish when Manolin was young. The boy was always there to take care of the old man. Manolin gave Santiago sardines and bait for Santiago's fishing trip. Before that, the boy bought him tea, coffee, beer and more coffee at the end of the book.

When Santiago fishes, he only brought water, he does not eat.

The trip he brought food was when he was chasing the marlin. Manolin gave it to him. Santiago had a lot of determination while he caught that fish. He has not caught one for eighty-four days. The Marlin was very smart after he ate the bait because he just swam very slowly. Since the fisherman was so desperate, he stayed with the fish. For two straight days, he just kept his eyes to the fishing rod. The old man suffered from loneliness. "I wish I had the boy. To help me and to see this," said the Old Man (48). He always talked to himself, God and he talked to a bird he saw. Another big theme in this book was age and youth. The boy could help the Old Man because he was younger.

Santiago had an extreme amount of patience while catching the fish. He waited...