"The Old Man and the Sea" by Ernest Hemmingway: A Man can be Destroyed, but not Defeated

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If you were in the middle of the ocean trying to catch a giant marlin would you be able to put up with all the complications he did? Santiago, a brave and powerful man for all he went through. Santiago has great will power and experience built up in his old body. Santiago one of the most extraordinary characters ever to be thought up.

Santiago had a lot on his plate when he started out on his incredible journey through his trip. When he started out on his journey in the ocean he was all alone and he was counting on this catch to live on. When he was out in the water surrounded by all the fish and water creatures he had to of been feeling mighty lonely. It takes I tough to be out there all alone and when he caught the marlin he had to sit there with all the pulling power taken against him.

Going through all the pain and torture he did from the mighty fight would be unbearable. He had to hold on for days and with his hand cramping up and the rope burns he stood through it all even when it looked bad and for him to make it through his mild heart attack and finally he had to row back to the bay.

The will power of this man is unmatched. Santiago was a very talented and experienced fisherman. He had caught many a fish before this store and one of the best features of this man is that he was patient. The way that he would talk to the boy and tell his stories were very interesting. Just even the way he acted out in the ocean fighting with the marlin were incredible with the amount of patients and...