The old order in "King lear" Natural, Personal, Divine, familial, and social

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The old order was not destroyed in some ways, but in others, it was created anew. Many aspects lead up to creating this new order and many of them are family situations. They are not just based on King Lear himself, but the way he treats people and the way that the people react to him. King Lear is very confused and does not know what pain he is causing for his whole family by creating a new order.

King Lear creates a new family order and it is very unfortunate for his family because it is not fair to his daughters. King Lear is getting old, and he knows it. So he decides to divide his kingdom up between his three daughters: Goneril, Ragan, and Cordelia. Lear decides to call in his daughters and announces the division of his kingdom. The land of Britain will be divided up between his three daughters.

Lear asks his daughters to proclaim their love to him, and whoever proclaims to love him the most will get the largest share of the land. So, one by one the daughters take turns trying to please their father, until it is the youngest, Cordelia's, turn. The destruction occurs when Cordelia says that she can not heave her heart into her mouth, and if her sisters truly loved their father as much as they said that they do, and then they would not be married. "Why have my sisters husbands, if they say they love you all?" (Act I lines 99-100) This makes King Lear very upset and he decides to give Cordelia's share of land to her sisters. Cordelia was Lear's favorite daughter and it hurt Lear to cut her dowry from her, but it was an insult to him and to his pride for...