The Old Testament.The Deuteronomist History 1&2.

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From Deuteronomist History 1 and Deuteronomist History 2

The period of 722-586 BCE was a time of Northern and Southern Kingdoms. A time of a continuous fight for power between kings of numerous tribes settled the Mediterranean region. And the Holy Bible, the Old Testament, is like a historical evidence of the past events mentioned above. This period is described in a book which is called Deuteronomist History, divided in its turn into two editions: Deuteronomist History 1 and Deuteronomist History 2 (further briefly DH1 and DH2). They are different because they cover specific periods, events, and maybe were written by different authors or... may be not. Just let it see.

To begin with I would like to state that during Davidic times sacrifices were made every where. In writings of J-author and E-author, a Shiloh priest from Northern Kingdom, it was not important where the sacrifices were held. Then there were three main centers where one could sacrifice- Bethel, Dan, and Jerusalem.

But Deuteronomist History, in its turn, suggested only one place to worship which was chosen by God- a Temple in Jerusalem (e.g. Deuteronomy 12:11,14,18; 13; 2 Chronicles 2-5). In Deuteronomy there was a definition of clean and unclean Deut. 14:1-21 (as not eat meat with blood, but one should put it with blood on altar), a commandment to tear down all altars and stone to death those who worship other gods (Deut. 13:9), however, in 10 commandments one of the most important commandments was "do not murder"! Also it is known that only Levites could become priests but Samuel was non-Levite and he was a priest. Above all contradictions, it was the first attempt to centralize a religion. Then many kings reigned one after another and each king either destroyed or restored the temple of God depending...