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Jenkins S. Lakeya

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06 February 2012

A True Believers Brush With Death

There are those long endless days and dark sleepless nights, that as we age we ask the question,"Is there a God." My time of questioning was there walking hand and hand with me for as long as I could remember. As the question arose, I would look around for proof of this beloved being and those that drank from that cup of faith. Then one day I met a woman of such unbending faith, that to know her and her tale, was a life changing moment for me.

Her name is Corene Wallace. She was born in the tiny country town of Bowman Georgia. She was born on April 13,1931. She is the oldest daughter of Alferd and Linnie Dudley. Corene was raised with two rawdy brothers and two sisters, one of which was her younger twin.

Both girls were only a handful of three pounds at birth. The family was one for farming hard, long, and hot hours in the cotton fields.

She was sent to the small three wing, eleven room, brick school house located in Bowman Georgia. As a family they attended Pleasant Grove Church. Corene found her calling to be saved in the year of 1946. She was only fifteen years old. By the year 1950, she was wedded to her childhood sweetheart Jesse Wallace.

They relocated to Greenwood South Carolina in 1951. Jesse went to work for Greenwood Mills making $1.07 an hour on third shift. Living in a small three room mill house they were blessed with three healthy sons and the lose, at birth, of the only daughter. So Jesse could take classes for the Mill, Corene went to work sewing for Nantex,