Oliver Parker's "Othello" - In depth analysis

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Parker's "Othello" mainly focuses on issues of racism, redemption as well as jealousy, all of which is primarily conveyed through Iago's deeds. The idea of racism is shown in the opening scene of the film when Iago commented "the old black ram is tupping your white ewe" as well as fact that Iago always refer to Othello as "the Moor". Jealousy as well as the urge to revenge are the common responses that evoked from Iago's racist attitude and are also of importance to the film.

Alan Stone believes that the different actors have brought different qualities to the portrayal of Othello. He believes that each actor have brought alone their each unique personality into the character and thus Othello has been presented differently to the audience in the various productions. Alan Stone wrote "Olivier gave him effrontery, Welles fury, Jones dignity. Fishburne now gives him sexuality", which supports this point.

Parker's view of Othello can be classified as a "sexual thriller". Parker's production of "Othello" was purposed to attract new audiences to watch Shakespeare and thus much of the Shakespearan text as well as poetries have been altered to allow appreciation and understanding of the audience. While Fishburne may not be a great Shakespearan actor, his sexuality definitely adds a new dimension to the film.