Oliver Stone's Alexander

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Oliver Stone's Alexander chronicles the life of Alexander the Great, who prematurely became king and ruled most of the known world before he reached the age of 25. The major characters of Alexander are Alexander the Great played by Colin Farrell, Roxane, Alexander's wife played by Rosario Dawson, Olympias, Alexander's mother played by Angelina Jolie, Philip, Alexander's father played by Val Kilmer, Old Ptolemy, narrator of the movie played by Anthony Hopkins, Cleitus, one of Alexander's most loyal soldiers played by Gary Stretch, and Hephaistion, Alexander's lifelong friend and companion played by Jared Leto.

Oliver Stone used specific lightning techniques to show the current mood of a scene in the movie. During the scene when Philip and Alexander discussed the past heroes, Stone's lightning was dark and gloomy as Philip reminded his son that all great heroes suffered greatly in the end. The lightning during most non-war situations was very bright and mostly during the day as seen during Philip celebrating him being married and as Ptolemy narrative the story.

During the final battle scene as Alexander was attempted to kill an enemy from India he was shot by an arrow. As he lay the entire movie was tinted in a red hue showing Alexander being in critical situation and near death.

The movie's music featured a more classical and non lyrical type, set to fit the mood of the on going scene. Through most fight scenes the music featured a more intense, edgier feel to it. In joyous times the music was filled with jubilant sounds like during the wedding scene.

Overall the music selection for the scene's complimented the movie very well.

Stone used several camera techniques to enhance the movie going experience. In a large battle, Stone panned across the field showing the...