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Oliver Twist was a very awkward character especially to his own social class; he's definitely braver and much more charming than the rest of his social class. He's much more enthusiastic and"¦ well you'll see why! Oliver Twist is born an orphan when his poor mother died in a parish workhouse to the annoyance of Bumble the beadle. Oliver was raised by parish charity, unloved and overworked. At the age of nine, after he dared to ask for seconds at dinner one night. Oliver Asked "Please, sir I want some more"�, because of this he was sold as an apprentice to a local undertaker, Mr. Sowerberry. Taunted by another apprentice, Noah Claypole, about his unmarried dead mother, Oliver valiantly got into a fistfight and was eventually locked in the cellar for punishment. Then, Oliver took matters into his own hands, he ran away to London. Already you can see a difference from him and his community.

He is much bolder, so bold, that it got him out of the orphanage, out as in kicked in the booty (OUT!). All other of his social class would never do an act so daring. He is also separated from his mates in the orphanage, so far these incidents set him apart.

Then he met Artful Dodger in London, who offered him a home with Fagin a so-called "gentleman" and another group of boys just like him. Oliver was horrorstruck to find out that they were actually thieves, pickpocketers, robbers, what ever you call them! While being trained by Fagin's other boys, Oliver is falsely arrested for picking an elderly gentleman's pocket. In the courtroom, however, Oliver collapsed. He acted in a pity manner; Mr. Brownlow takes Oliver home. Mr. Brownlow is a generous man, concerned for other people. Not only does he accept Oliver as his own; he takes the boy home with him and nursed him out of his fever. Oliver got his first taste of kindness and wealth there.

The first time Oliver leaves the house, Fagin's gang of boys kidnapped him so he wouldn't give evidence against them. Back, Oliver earned the affections of a young prostitute named Nancy who stuck up for Oliver when Fagin tried to harm Oliver.

Unfortunately for Oliver, he's just the right size for one of Sikes vicious plans. Sikes was a bully, a robber, and a murderer. Because he was an ally of Fagin, they are often described as the two faces of evil in the novel: Fagin planed the crimes; Sikes carried them out. Thought, to commit a robbery, and he is taken along on a dangerous job. But, Oliver is wounded in the attempt and was taken in by the Maylie's, the people Sikes wanted to rob.

In the idyllic months that follow, Oliver stayed with Mrs. Maylie and her niece Rose and grew to love them. He's sad that their attempts to find Mr. Brownlow are unsuccessful, but otherwise things seem perfect.

Safe as he felt, Oliver dreamt one night of his troubled past. When he woke, the evil Fagin and an unknown companion were lurking outside the window. One of Fagin's friend, helper and worker, a grim fellow named Monks, visited the Bumbles to buy the evidence of Oliver's parents (a locket left by his mother.) Monks threw the locket into a river, then presses Fagin to recapture Oliver and make a thief of him. Even though Oliver has been away, Nancy often remembers about him. When she overheard conversations between Fagin and his strange companion, Monks, she became worried that Oliver was in danger. She finds Sikes and seeks out Rose Maylie who happened to be passing through London. Nancy revealed that Monks is Oliver's half-brother and that, in order to keep an inheritance for himself, Monks may cause harm to Oliver.

Rose finally found Mr. Brownlow and enlisted him to help. They met Nancy on London Bridge to learn more about Monks. When they offered Nancy protection, she refused, insisted that she must go home to Sikes. What she didn't know was that suspicious Fagin had her followed and that her conversation has been overheard. Angered by Nancy's betrayal, Fagin forces Sikes to such fury that he beats Nancy to death. Brownlow, used Nancy's information, and located Monks. Evil Monks was the son of Brownlow's best friend, and Oliver Twist was his illegitimate younger brother. Their father, who hated Monks's mother and loved Oliver's, wrote a will leaving most of his money to the younger son, Oliver, unless he turned out to be a criminal. That is why Monks plotted with Fagin to make Oliver a thief. After wandering around for two days, Sikes was finally tracked down and surrounded by police in a hideout. He hangs himself accidentally while trying to escape. The threat to Oliver was eliminated. Brownlow forced Monks to reveal the rest of his information: not only is Oliver entitled to a fortune, but also his mother was Rose Maylie's sister! All at once, Oliver has money and a family too. The questions about Rose's parents are answered, and she can marry Henry Maylie. Fagin is arrested, convicted, and hanged. His gang was scattered. Monks goes off to America, where he later died in prison. Mr. Brownlow adopted Oliver and they all live happily in the county. WOW! What a big change in Oliver He was thrown out of his social group then put in with another. He kept being thrown in and out of his social group. Finally at the end of his story he was accepted to stay in a higher social class. This is one amazing book!