Oliver twist (short)

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Oliver twist

He was born in workhouse; his mom died when she was holding him. She was not married; she didn't have a ring in her finger. No one could look after the baby in the workhouse, so Oliver was sent to a baby farm. Since they didn't give them much food, Oliver grew up to be a nine year old pale, thin and short for his age. On Oliver's ninth birthday Mr. Bumble the beadle came to the house, he said that he was old enough to return to the workhouse. So he took him back.

One day at the workhouse Oliver asked for more food, he was locked up and a reward was offered to anybody who would take him away and use them for work. He was taken by Mr. Sowerberry, in his house he met a boy called Noah and a girl called Charlotte.

They were mean to him, One day Noah was bothering Oliver and saying mean stuff about his mom, Oliver atact him, then ran way to London, there he met The Artful Dodger, he took Oliver the rest of the way to London and told him he knew were he could stay, because he had friends there. He introduced Oliver to Fagin,to Charley Bates and the rest of the gang. Fagin taught him how to steal, by playing a game.

One day when they final went out to steel, they got caught Charley and the Dodger got away but Oliver was caught, he got hurt and was taken to the police station, he was found guilty at first but the oner of the bookstore saw everything and told the judge that Oliver was innocent, Oliver had fainted so Mr. Brownlow, the man hey had stolen from took him to...