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Olympic Games- (oh-lim-pic) noun, plural A competition in summer and winter sports held every four years for athletes from all over the world. After 1992, the schedules of the summer and winter competitions were staggered. The Summer Games take place every four years, starting from 1992. The Winter Games take place every four years starting in 1994. Also known as the Olympics.

That was a definition of one of the biggest things in the world, which cannot happen without me. I am "lampadiodromia" from the word "lampas" meaning torch. But you may know me as the Olympic Torch.

However, I have not been with a part of the Games since they originated in 1896, I didn't become a part of them until the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. The idea for me came from German Carl Retter Von Halts. He said "...My wish is for a splendid torch relay, for the athletes from all nations to carry the Sacred Light to Berlin from the sanctuary in Olympia.

It is a worthy cause that Greece should transmit the Light to the West..." During my first trip from Olympia to Berlin, I covered a territory of 12 countries, I had 3331 torchbearers, and I went 3187 km.

Although I am the nationwide sign for the Olympic Games I also have a religious aspect to me. In Greece the chief Priestess says a Greek prayer to Apollo, the Greek god of light and music.

Invocation to Apollo:

"Oh Apollo, divine sun idea of light you have sent your rays and the sacred torch was lit. Now you, god Zeus, bless all the peoples of the world with peace and crown those who have mastered the sacred contest."

Although I have been around since the late thirty's I'd really like to concentrate on...