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A Comparative Study of Natural Alternatives of Commercial Mosquito Repellants

In partial fulfillment of the requirements in

Science II: Biology

Kathlyn Jean F. Abalos

Jenna Mae P. Galapia

10- Marquez-Benitez (II-7)

Ms. Raysel Evarem Palisoc

February 17, 2014



What is the most efficient natural alternative to mosquito repellants?


If citronella is used as a mosquito repellant, then little to no mosquito bites will be received.


In this study, the following materials will be used:



Human test subject


Citronella oil

2 tbsp.

Catnip oil

2 tbsp.

Cinnamon oil

2 tbsp.


The study aims to compare the effectiveness of certain natural mosquito repellants and, at the same time, identify which substance can be used as a repellant. The following ingredients: citronella, catnip, and cinnamon will be applied on the part of the human test subject. The test subject will be placed in an open area with mosquitos for an hour.

The subject will be examined of any mosquito bites. A repeat process will be made after 24 hours for the next test.


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