The Once and Future King Analysis

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Mrs. Shackelford

English Honors II

25 February 2014

"Adventure is out there!"

In the book The Once and Future King T H White has a wizard, Merlin, teach a young boy, Wart, about many important aspects that can be used in and out of the book. In the novel T H White uses Wart to portray the modern society and on the adventures he goes on he is taught about the differences between governments such as communism, and a dictatorship. Wart is sent on many adventures that teach him life lessons on how to be a good ruler; Merlin turns him into animals that have specific qualities about them that show Wart the good from the bad. In the novel the animals that stand out the most are the ants, geese, and lastly the fish.

First of all, Merlin tries to teach Wart by turning him it a fish is that when somebody or something has a grand amount of power they often abuse it and take advantage of the people or things that the have control over.

"All those teeth clashed behind him at the tip of his tail, he gave his heartiest jack-knife he had ever given (White 53)." By showing him that a fish would have the nerve to try to eat one of its own, shows the true colors of the royal family's who get carried away with themselves will stop at nothing even hurting one another. Many people with power abuse it. The ants show Wart that on a dictatorship many people are not allowed to

have their own thoughts or beliefs. They are told what to think, what to be and what to believe. Often the ants are so focused of what they have to get done that don't think about unique things;...