Once upon a time long, long ago there was an

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Once upon a time long, long ago there was an orphan girl who dreamed of having a warm enchanted Christmas with a loving and caring family. She always got in trouble for the little things by Ms. Hanes. Ms. Hanes was a very mean lady but she looked after the orphans. None of the orphan girl's liked Ms. Hanes. The little orphan girls' name was Brittany, most of the orphans loved her especially the youngest girl named Sammy. Only one girl didn't like Brittany and she hated Christmas too, her name was Miranda. Miranda was the bully of the orphanage, she picked on the little kids too. Also Brittany wanted Miranda to like Christmas. Brittany gave Miranda a surprise by having the other kids go out to the courtyard and wished her a very Merry Christmas. Miranda smiled and responded I wish you a very Merry Christmas too. But when Ms. Hanes heard them yell Merry Christmas, because she did not like Christmas she stormed down from her room frightening the orphan's.

She was very angry. Ms. Hanes sent all the orphans to their rooms and she lock the doors. Ms. Hanes said if she heard any more nonsense that she would lock them in the basement. A few weeks after that incident Ms. Hanes forgot about what happened. A year later in December, 16 Brittany found a loving and caring family. On December 24-26 Brittany had her dream come true to spend a warm enchanted Christmas with a family. Brittany went back to the orphanage to wish Ms. Hanes and the kids a Merry Christmas. In return Ms. Hanes said Merry Christmas to you too. BY IMARI