One act morality Play: The Adventures of Mr. Fuzzles

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CharactersMattMr.FuzzlesMomThe curtain opens to a backyard consisting of a red wagon, soccer ball, swing set and tall bushes at the back of the yard that you can not see over. To the left of the scene is the frame of a house where the back door is in view.

[Enters six year old Matt dragging a worn brown teddy bear behind him.]Matt [sighs out of boredom] "it's so boring here. There is no one to play with and absolutely nothing to do![Matt lies down in the grass and hold the teddy bear out in front of him]Matt "Don't you have any ideas Mr. Fuzzles?" [Sighs] "Of course you don't, I sure do wish you could talk. We could have so much fun."[Matt shakes Mr. Fuzzles as to wake him then lays him on his chest and stares blankly at the clouds][Mr. Fuzzles sits up]Mr. Fuzzles "as a matter of fact I do have an idea!"Matt [startled] "You can talk!"Mr.

Fuzzles "well yes, that is what you wished wasn't it?"Matt- "um ah..Yes, but I didn't expect it to come true"[Matt looks around to see if anyone else is witnessing this talking teddy bear]Mr.Fuzzles- "Don't be worried matt, we are going to have fun![Mr.Fuzzles hops off matt's chest as matt stands up]Matt- "well…okay…what is your idea?"Mr.Fuzzles -"Let's go on an adventure!"Matt -"what kind of adventure can we have here? This is just my backyard"[Matt softly kicks the soccer ball toward the bushes in the back yard.]Mr.Fuzzles -"there is your answer. Behind those bushes is great treasure."Matt -"yeah right, behind these bushes are more houses and streets."Mr. Fuzzles "well take a look for your self, you will see."[Mr.- Fuzzles steps back and nods approval for matt to peak through]Matt- "okay, but I know there is...