Is One Cent Too Much?

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Is one cent TOO MUCH ? Much ? The penny as a form of currency has sparked debate between people in society, and there are many reasons for both keeping and getting rid of the penny. However, what would we do with the millions that have already been made? Pennies should continue as a form of U.S. currency, however, they should stop being made, or at least be made less frequently. The penny costs too much for the treasury, it has a low value, and people will have to pay more for items if it is disposed of. To continue making pennies is a large cost for the U.S.

The penny is too much of a cost for what it's actually worth. There is a cost of 2.4 cents to mint a penny. That is a fee of more than twice what it is actually worth. The treasury loses more than $100 million per year making pennies, but only produces 4.3

billion of them. It is costing our government to keep supplying the U.S. citizens with pennies; therefore they should be made less frequently. Some might say that the penny is already in short supply, but that is caused greatly by the hoarding of them. Have you ever put pennies in a jar and put them in a drawer, to never be seen again? That's what many people do, and if we can get those circulating again, the shortage of the penny will not be as great of a problem as it currently is.

These days, the penny is considered as without much value, excepting the accumulated value of many of them. You can buy almost nothing with a single penny. Even items with a small value, such as a pack of gum, cost too much to be bought with...