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The political and cultural standpoints of Stalin's' regime were to identify the totalitarian rule of the communist party. As Joseph Stalin came into power, one of the major goals of his regime was to create a new Stalinist attitude and have sole loyalty from his followers. Stalin set aside many tactics to rid anyone who went against or were accused of going against the view and beliefs of the Stalin regime. Stalin imprisoned and murdered many of these individuals. The individuals imprisoned were treated completely inhumane. Those imprisoned by Stalin where usually deprived of they individual rights, privacy, friendships, and sanitary living conditions.

        As the time Joseph Stalin came to reign, his first process was to industrialize and modernize the Soviet Union with a Five Year Plan, which occurred between the periods of 1926 through 1932. Stalin's Five Year Plan was based on Marxist principles for government control of the economy.

Stalin's plan also included the collectivization of agriculture. This plan meant that the government would redistribute land by taking over the estates ,known ad the "kulaks". The kulaks were the wealthiest peasant's estates. There ultimately wasn't very much difference between the top notch peasants and the lowliest peasants. Stalin's process of collectivization was a complete disaster because the government persecuted and killed the peasants and famine later spread through the country. Stalin made his dictatorship absolute by riding all opposition within the party. In December 1934, Stalin ordered the assassination of a member of his regime, Sergei Kirov in which Stalin assumed to go against his rule. Sergei Kirov was a despising creature to Stalin because of his lack of pride and loyalty to the regime. The event of killing Sergei Kirov began the event of the "Great Terror" which was ultimately the period in which Stalin had all...