One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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Introduction One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, by Ken Kesey,, is an eye opening story about how society labels people. In this story we are in the head of an "insane" person, in an asylum, and he is telling a story of a man who was admitted into the asylum to escape the setting of the jail, he thought that it would be easier than spending his time in jail, but little did he know that once you are in there you are never quite "sane" again. I think that the theme and setting are the most important part of this story.

The Plot This story takes place in an insane asylum where Randle Patrick McMurphy was admitted into the hospital instead of spending a sentence in jail for statutory rape. McMurphy was quite a hit with the patients he was a gambler and introduced many new games into the ward.

Right from the start he was a hit and he betted many things including that he could get with the "Big Nurse". He was also known for creating disturbances at the meetings, he created a big stir because he wanted to watch the world series but he was in the minority when it came to voting, so after the vote he told the patients that he was going to throw a chair through the screen, but the other patients said that the wood is too light. So McMurphy said he would use a table, but that would have the same problem. So he said he would use a fat coon, but the other patients said that it would be to soft. So he said he would use a bed, but then they said that it would be to large to fit through the window. So he said that...