One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: Short letter from the chief expressing his response to McMurphy and his experiences and the consequences.

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Dear Ms Ratched,

I have successfully escaped from your overpowering authority and the Combine. The person who crushed your over-controlling power and humanity was, as you should know, McMurphy. Although you ordered a lobotomy for McMurphy to turn him into a vegetable, he has helped many of the patients, especially me. Harding, George, Martini, Scanlon, including me has had a better change of life thanks to him.

Before, I was afraid of everyone and pretended to be deaf and dumb, but now I have more confidence and have regained my voice and humanity. Some of the others have also left or transferred to another hospital, which we would never have done if it wasn't for McMurphy. Everyone really liked and respected him for his courage and for standing up against the injustices performed mainly by you. He was boisterous, entertaining, exuberant, and even though he was quite intimidating at first, his confidence and hard efforts ultimately rubbed on all of us.

Everyone in the hospital really hated you, your intimidating tactics and dispassion, concerned only about the smooth functioning of the ward. Sending us into the 'shock shop' for Electro-Shock Therapy for punitive means and to ease the insecurity on your sexual repression. McMurphy was the only one who dared to face and talk back to you. How does it feel to have your mechanical world destroyed? To have all that abused power and your pride taken away? Nobody is ever going to listen to you anymore. Things in that hospital are finally going to run normally, or better. We can now live with confidence and not in fear all thanks to McMurphy.

From: Chief Bromden