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The Human Resource Function that I am going to explore in depth is the function of Recruitment

and Selection.

Recruitment contains many features and aims to attract the best candidate for the job and then to choose the most suitable applicant. If the wrong person is selected, this can cause problems for a business. The person appointed may find the job boring or too difficult, which could lead to a lack of motivation and poor productivity. Employing a suitable person allows the business to make the best use of their human resources. Before a business recruits new employees, the personnel department usually carries out some form of job analysis. Job analysis is a study of what the job includes. It contains the skills, tasks and training needed for the job.

Job description:

Once a business has entailed what the job involves they can draw up a description of the job.

This includes the job title, location within the business, job summery, tasks involved, methods involved, responsibility, physical environment, social and economic conditions. This description tells candidates what is involved and what is expected from them. Once the job is appointed to a candidate the job description can be used as a criterion to see if employees are carrying out their job as to the description. Refer to the job description for a retail vacancy at Asda included.

Person specification:

This is a description of the most suitable person for the job who meets the entire criterion and has all the skills for the job. When recruiting the firm must see if the candidate would fit into the business culture and environment. This specification forms the basis for the selection of the most suitable person to fill the job. The specification must suit the business. If you refer to the...