One For The Money

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One for the MoneyStephanie Plum is a 30-year-old woman who has lost her job, can't find a decent man, and blackmails her cousin, Vinnie, into giving her a job as a bounty hunter.

Stephanie, as I said before, is 30 years old. She lives in a housing complex and all of her neighbors are older and are always sticking their noses into things. She lost her job as a kinky clothes sales person because the store went out of business. Her family is very strange as well. Her mother is a regular June Cleaver. She just wants her to settle down, get married, and have kids. Stephanie's grandma Mazur is a spunky sort of person. Her idea of a fun night out is going to the funeral home and checking to see how well the make-up on the dead bodies is done. Grandma Mazur thinks that it is just great the Stephanie is a bounty hunter; in fact, she wants to be one too.

Stephanie's father can't stand grandma Mazur, but he tolerates her. Every time grandma does something that he doesn't like he just sighs and pulls the paper up so no one can see his face.

Stephanie also has some interesting man problems. She is attracted to Joe Morelli, but because he is a womanizer she doesn't want to like him. They have a history that goes back as far as when they are six years old, and Morelli takes her into the garage to play "train". He was a smooth talker and every girl knew not to get caught alone with him or something that you don't want to happen will. Stephanie was caught alone with him one day as a teenager and he took her virginity behind the bakery counter. After that...