One of the most fascinating revolutions in American history has to be the e-mail revolution

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One of the most fascinating revolutions in American history has to be the e-mail revolution. It has changed the lifestyles of many people around the world, especially Americans. Even though there could be an argument that this revolution has helped us in our lives, it has many negative aspects especially in the private life.

Many companies rely on the internet, but basically the e-mail aspect of the internet. That is how many CEO's of major companies send out memos, and other important materials to managers and employers. It is a much easier tool to use then making phone calls, and especially much cheaper then sending regular mail to everyone's homes. As far as the business aspect of this e-mail revolution, many people can call it a success, even though e-mail does have it's downside as well.

E-mal has really destroyed the English language for many people, especially the pre-teen to teenager zone.

Words like "LOL" (Laughing at Loud), " Cuz" ( Because), and other words that people are too lazy to write in full. These words, and the grammar along with it is destroying the minds of many young people, especially when a 12th grade English teacher receives a term paper with these type of words in them. That is something that is a very scary thing to think about, especially because the number of people writing this slang type of language is on the rise each year.

How reliable can the internet really be? As the article by Roy Rivenburg shows, you cannot trust the reliability of the internet and e-mailing people. This article basically points out that when it comes to making sure someone receives something very important as soon as possible, e-mail should be a last resort. It is also risky, especially at a time when computer...