One Of The Most Important Days In My Life

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I decided to get out of bed extra early that beautiful spring morning.

Everyone and everything seem to be having a great morning that day. I could hear the birds chirping love songs, and the cats meowing. As I looked out the window I could see the sun smiling at me. I closed my eyes and smiled back at the sun, as my mind drifted off to what this new day would bring to me.

I then realized I only had one hour until I started this new journey in my life. Anxiety and excitement overcame me thinking about my new huge commitment.

My oldest daughter Mariah called out to me distracting me from my thoughts saying; "mom is that my bus coming?". I then got dressed, and watched my daughters get on the school bus.

As I was driving to my destination the wow factor hit me.

I kept thinking how this is oh so surreal, and my dreams were about to officially come true. I pulled into the parking lot, saying to myself "gosh there are so many people out here". I set in my car for a couple of minutes trying to get my emotions together. My stomach started turning in knots, because of my nerves.

It was a little hard finding my destination , but I finally found the room #103. Before I entered the room I straightened my shoulders, lift my head, and strutted into the room, and took a seat in the front mid section.

As I let my eyes roam around the room, I saw at least twenty other people that had already taken them a seat as well. I felt a little intimidated, when I noticed that there were so many younger people.