One Nation in the End

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This nation of ours is just as diverse as it is alike. As David Brooks pointed out, "there may be cracks, but there is no chasm. Rather, there is a common love for this nation - one nation in the end." My hometown of Chardon, OH is a great example of a Red America community trying to make the transition over to a Blue America community. The town has lots of Blue qualities as it is, but the people have split feelings when it comes to urbanizing and putting up lots of new buildings. They feel that even though it will be nice to have these new amenities, they will attract lots of unwanted visitors and traffic. My town is very bland and has literally no diversity so I have mixed feelings toward this subject.

Chardon is a rural community in Northeast Ohio which just became a city about two years ago.

The square in the middle of the town has an old rustic look to it while the buildings surrounding the area are all brick and decrepit. There are lots of Victorian style century homes and single story ranch houses. The majority of the older people in my town have lived there their whole lives and would like to see it stay the same and keep the rich tradition intact. The sad thing about this is that everyone, including the elders, know that change is inevitable. At this point in time a Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Starbucks, a shoe store, and a new state of the art Subway and Dairy Queen are currently being built in a new shopping center off of the main road in my town. This will help lots of people be giving them jobs and new places to shop but it will also force privately owned...