One page analysis on one Assyrian scuplture. (from 1076-612 B.C. The Assyrian Empire)

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Winged human headed bull

This bull was designed to protect the Assyrian people and also prove the power of the Assyrians. The design of the bull was meant to ward off evil spirits and keep unwanted guest out of the area they were protecting. The size of the human headed bull is scary on its own considering its height is more than ten feet. The Lapis Lazuli looking beard that the bull is wearing reinforces the notion that these people enjoyed riches and lavish items.

The winged human headed bull is a huge intimidating beast that would ward off any evil spirits. The fifth leg of the beast is an indication that the bull is in motion and is not far from its enemy at any time. Also, it is shown resting so that it has plenty of strength and power in reserve when it is needed to attack its prey.

The stern look on the bulls face emphasizes the power and determination of the winged human headed bull. The purpose is clear that the bull was used for warding off any enemy or evil spirit. The Assyrian empire was an unforgiving empire and by looking at the bull it looks very unforgiving as well.

The wings of the bull are amazingly large for quick flight and attacking capabilities. Along with the huge legs this winged human headed bull could panic any foe. This bull is a symbol of strength in the most simplest of ways. The large size indicates this fact. The raw beauty of the bull is magnificent along with its long tail and long Lapis Lazuli styled hair. The winged human headed bull is the symbol of protection for the Assyrian people.