One Page Summary of Yeo Hiap Seng Case Study.

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Key Points:

Poor Strategic Direction - Expansion:

North America: limited experience and knowledge of this market. Did not have resources and understanding required to survive

Distribution Relationships - Corona:

Perhaps guilty of neglecting existing relationships (Corona) in the effort to try and expand and form or strengthen other relationships (Schweppes, Budweiser, Danone etc.)

Takeovers - 1994:

Extended takeover battle spanning around half a year - obvious negative impacts for corporation

Future Steps - 1997:

Financial year ending December '97 showed significantly diminished profit comparative to previous year. Concerning, despite many noteworthy new investments.

Brief Timeline:

1901: Yeo Hiap Seng Holdings Founded (family business)

1968: Publicly Listed

1994: Family infighting leads to takeover of the now "second largest food and beverage company in Singapore" by Ng Teng Fong's Far East Group


Better corporate governance would have enabled Yeo Hiap Seng to pre-empt and manage family business conflicts.

An understanding of the nature of the conflict and the exploration of the ways to manage the conflict could have been identified by a more competent governing body and helped to ensure the continuity and growth of the family business.