One's Experience

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Adrien Pearson Scott McNeight

Descriptive essay September 22, 2014

One's Experience

Chuck woke up the first day of summer knowing that he was going to have an adventure one way or another. This was Chuck's last summer before he had to buckle down for college. Ideas have filled his head since the weather started to warm up in northern Connecticut. Chuck didn't plan all the adventures by himself, he had his best bud Steve's creative mind to help. Both Chuck and Steve were going to stick together on each adventure. Chuck had a different plan for the first day of summer that would leave him in a tricky situation by himself.

As a fresh summer air breeze flowed into Chucks open window, his eyes opened up wide as he realized it was the first day of vacation. He wanted to get outside to enjoy it as soon as he could.

Remembering, Chuck starts reliving each first day of summer he spent at Woodland Forest Park. With acres and acres of staggering swaying trees covering many unique trails to be explored. Chuck remembered a trail he has always wanted to take on. This trail was granted the trickiest hike by the goers that have attempted it. Chuck planned for months to take the challenge. He let Steve know ahead of time that he was going alone as he has always done in the past. Steve called Chuck early to give some input.

Steve said, "It's better i come along, you know the stories of that trail." Chuck responded, "I have thought it over many times and i am set on taking this first adventure alone."

Steve leaves him with a worried good bye and starts imagining all that could happen.

Chuck brushes off Steve's worries and gathers his small...