One's feelings of remorse, sorrow and guilt. How can you live with something like that your entire life? Connected to the reading of Frankenstein

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RemorseIt was 15th of August, 2001- a bright, beautiful and warm day. The sun was staring with dazzling brilliancy. There were no clouds spotted in the deep blue sky. After a tiring day full of shopping for shoes, jeans and t-shirts, I was finally on my way home. I felt an excruciating pain down the leg area. Walking like a zombie I was passing the familiar offices and surf centers, noticing nothing that was happening around. My throat was dry and I urgently needed something refreshing and cold. Therefore I crossed the road and stopped by a kiosk to buy a bottle of water. After paying the cashier the price of the water I continued the long walk home. I decided the take a shortcut and go through a park which was relatively close to the place of my destination. I was about to give up when suddenly I saw a little girl who was crying bitter tears.

She was about four years old, had huge emerald eyes and long blond hair. In addition the girl was wearing a tea rose dress with little red hearts. For an instance she reminded me of a little angel. As soon as the girl noticed me she made a step towards by direction. The girl ran up to me and started to mumble strange words that I couldn't comprehend. I tried to ask for her name but her eyes full of tears just winked in response. Suddenly I looked around and noticed that she was alone there and understood what was happening. The girl got lost and she was trying to find her relatives. I was in despair, because I stood there and there was no clue of helping her. Eventually I came up with an idea of telling the...