One Winter Morning

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Yes, I remember that morning. That freezing, icy winter morning. I woke up sprawled across my lounge-room floor, slowly forcing my eyes to open. Upon the dreaded realisation that the world hadn't changed, I thought "Damn. Life sucks." Slowly rising from the carpet, I checked my clock - which told me that it had been 48 hours since I had been fired from work. My girlfriend, on hearing this news, had taken all my remaining money and zipped off with my boss. So here I was in Hammerley, my home town, with 6 days to get out of my apartment (3 days until rent was due, 2 days until landlord finds out, 1 day for him to finish yelling at me and kick me out of the flat). All because of my boss - god I hate him so much. He caused my life to go from being moderately good to utter sewerage.

My wallet was worth ten bucks in total, I was about to get thrown on the street and my fridge was empty. There was nothing I could do about the first two problems, but I was starving - so I decided to head off to the supermarket with my last ten dollars - a journey I would never complete.

I trudged along the snow-covered street on the 300-metre journey from my house to the supermarket. Children were frolicking in the snow like tiny fairies in a picture book. I hate fairies. What have those kids done that gives them the right to have a better life than me? I wish their mums suddenly said to their dads "Honey - stuff the kids!" and threw the little bastards into the gutter. That would teach them good.

I stuck a cigarette in my mouth as I walked, eyeing off...