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Samantha Tong, Y9Hope

One World Essay (Feeding the World using Nanotechnology)

The current population of the world is approximately 6 billion, a large proportion of these people who live in developing places face problems that deal with food shortages. But more people who live in developed places have food as surplus. Science in our society and its interaction between social, economic, political, environmental, cultural and ethical factors has been developing rapidly. This causes both benefits and losses. An example of science in our society would be Nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is basically the engineering of tiny machines, the projected ability to build things from the bottom up inside personal nanofactories, using techniques and tools to help make this complete. The definition of nanotechnology is based on the prefix "nano" which in Greek means "dwarf". Another way of defining it would be 10-9, which means one billionth of something. The following essay will go into deeper analysis about Nanotechnology and its effects towards the society environmentally and economically.

The population around the world has become a very big problem and it was estimated that at around 2050 there would be more to about 9 billion people living in our world. And so, to keep with our own global food demand, we are going to need to increase our crops outputs by about 70 percent. This is quite a challenge due to the fact that we now have global issues like climate change and diminishing resources and we also want to do it in an environmentally sustainable way. Fertilizers are crop nutrients, and about one half of the global food supply is directly linked to the commercial use of fertilizers so if we do not use any fertilizers, the amount of farmland worldwide will have to increase by 50 percent to supply enough...