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Jansport bag(city scout)

the product im doing for the marketing mix assignment is (jansport city scout backpack).

The color of the backpack is blue and grey all though you can get this in different colors (color contrast bottom). The backpack has an internal sleeve that can fit 15'' laptop it is inside one large main compartment,there is an front utlility pocket with orgsnizer(pen,paper,coins,key straplatch etc), it has a zippered front stash pocket,the straps are padded adjustable straight-cut,a web haul handle,zippered string pulls that goes on the zip latch and has a padded back and with the signature jansport logo on the of the backpack.

The fabric is a 600 denier polyester, weight is 0.6 kgs, the dimension is 46x 33 x 21 cm, it is stylish and has been rated 5 star for durability and for all the compartments.

One function of this product is the large zipper main compartment, it allows you to store a lot of stuff with the capacity of 1900 cubic/31L it can fit more then 5 books,4-5 notebooks, calculator,phone,laptop etc. The relation between the product and the function is that the jansport backpack is made for carrying items you need and that what the main function is of a backpack. This function is important on the backpack because if this fucnction was not on it it would not really be a backpack and also there will be no internal sleeve because you would need to have the large compartment to have a internal sleeve. This function appeals to students from 14-25 mostly because it is designed for school and with the larger compartment they are able to fit all there books and gears in there. The benefit to the business from this function is that they are now known for a spacious backpack and attracts...