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IntroductionInternet Commerce is an extremely competitive arena which requires marketing expertise, competitive products and pricing along with a secured website. Marketing includes the ease of use, as well as the overall design of the website. The design has to adhere to the customers needs of which include aesthetics as well as interface. On Line Book Sales is a competitive e-commerce market. This paper will address 3 specific book sellers: Barnes & Noble, Books Online and Amazon and will describe the look and feel of each of these websites.

Website 1 - appears to cater to individuals who are really looking for books by offering a professional and easy to navigate website. Although has other products, the website clearly leaves the shopper with the immediate impression they are a major internet book seller and offer membership to many different book clubs. The graphics are tasteful, not flashy, and lack the ever-present pop-ups of most major sites.

When going to the website, the main page stands out because it is only three quarters of a page in width and clearly states "fast and free delivery" which is enticing to any shopper. All other pages within the site are formatted to stretch the entire page width. They offer more than just books - DVD's, music, pc and videos games, and other items related to media which can be purchased via the website.

Website 2 - amazon.comThis first impression of the website is that it is different from other websites by appearing to be more professionally laid out. Everything that you could think of is available on this site and labeled very generically so as it is very easy to locate what you are looking for. There is an ease to browsing that has been designed very well.

Amazon isn't redesigning...