Online connection with tourism supplier, Dynamic Packaging, Search Engine Optimization and Direct/Indirect Distribution Channels

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The technology is booming today and people are dependent on it both in their private and business life. According to the Magazine "Information Technology" Buhalis, 1995 senior lecturer in tourism at the University of Westminster has said that the World Wide Web is the fastest growing area of the internet. It has opened new ways for business to occur and especially within the tourism supply and demand field (Buhalis, 2006). The combination of easier accessibility to the internet from the demand side and the exposure of media, telecommunications and information technology from the suppliers side have resulted in a high level of interaction between the two and it has become easier for suppliers to reach out to their target markets (Buhalis, 2006; Tissera, 2006).

Some people say that the internet is one big mess due to the enormous amount of information that can be found, but others that know their way in searching and locating the information think of it as a wonderful place.

More and more people are traveling nowadays and with the use of IT and the internet they can locate, compare and evaluate for example the best hotels or airline companies according to their budget and needs. And due to the growing use of internet a lot of businesses have had to develop new marketing and business models for their operations to adjust to the new trends and innovations to stay competitive on the market (Leggatt, 2006).

2 percent of the world's population is using the World Wide Web, so called the new media (Buhalis, 2006). This is from the demand side when we take a look at the supply side, we see that information technology helps industries like hotels and airline companies to control, promote and reach customers around the world to sell their...