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I am a part of the College Students section of the Interest Groups, and am representing upperclassmen. Their will be some problems, concerns, advantages, and observations, that I can come up with. Here they are: Possible problems that upperclassmen may see with the scenario is that they won't be able to research what they need to for certain classes and/or projects. Another possible problem of upperclassmen is that they might not state how they feel. They are almost done with school, so why state a position? This is a major problem because the consensus is needed by all constituents.

Possible concerns I see with the scenario as an upperclassmen is that the underclassmen are going to have to start all over again with the new software. Many of the kids are already use to the lifestyle and now it will be changed. A possible concern of the upperclassmen is that they will not care what happens to the school for lack of their almost done.

Some advantages of the scenario we are working with is that it will keep maturity around school. Although it will cause many problems, I can still see this pornography blocking software working pretty good. This would keep the immature students (freshman) off of the computers in the library, well, at least off of the pornography sites in the library.

Some observations that I've made is that most students will not want to voice their opinion until the software has already been installed. Knowing from my own experience with the semester/term class schedule, a majority of the students will not speak up until after the decision is made, and they don't like it. I'm seeing in the future, a population decline in the school if this software is placed on the computer networks...