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This paper will assess (an online recruitment service), evaluate the pros and cons of dealing with virtual resumés, identify the advantages and disadvantages of online recruitment, and develop a criterion that an organization can use for selecting an online recruitment service.

Online recruitment service provides a marketplace for candidates to market their skills and for employers to market their job vacancies. is part of the worldwide Monster network, the Number one career portal in the world, serving job seekers and employers in 22 countries ("About", 2004). has an average of 25,000 job postings available at any given time (Dessler et al., 2004, p.143). is easy to use, convenient, fast and user friendly online recruitment service. It allows companies to post job vacancies and the job seekers to search through the job postings.

Within a few clicks of my mouse I was able to search through jobs and get some information on employment in British Columbia.

The writer found this site is very easy to navigate. Job seekers can search jobs, post their resumes, and get career advice and employer's can post, track and screen applications.

The different organizations and job seekers who are using online recruitment websites have to be careful of the pros and cons of virtual resumes. Pros of virtual resume's are sending out resumes is both efficient and cost effective. Job seekers can send out hundreds of resumes to employees in a fraction of time. For employers, it gives them the opportunity to choose from a larger number of applicants. Virtual resumes can be managed efficiently as there are no actual resumes to be filed, they can be stored and managed electronically.

Cons of virtual resume's are job seekers do not always send out quality resumes. Virtual resumes may be out of...