Online Therapy Paper

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Online Therapy Paper

April 12, 2014

BSHS 352

Dr. Marcia Wynn, Facilitator

Online Therapy

Online therapy is a relatively new development in the human services field in which a counselor offers advice and support over the Internet. Online therapy can occur through e-mail, video conferencing, Internet phone, and online chat. Online therapy is very similar to life coaching because online therapists are not permitted to diagnose any of their clients, but can only offer guidance and advice to individuals experiencing problems such as relationships, work, or life. Online therapy is just another way health care professional are able to provide services to their clients. This paper will discuss three online therapy sites; the site's content, the professional involved, and how the online interaction works. This paper will also address how professional associations and state regulatory boards view online therapy, how security and ethical issues are related to online therapy, and the advantages and disadvantages of online therapy services.

Online Therapy Sites

Breakthrough is an online therapy site that allows individuals to use e-mail as well as video conferencing with professionals to assist with their mental health. The website has links so individuals are able to search for a therapist within their area, which is permitted on his or her insurance, or suits the individual's needs. Breakthrough has a team of professionals that are passionate about improving mental health. Many of the professionals are listed on the team link, along with their picture and a brief description of the person, their experiences, and their qualifications and contributions to the Breakthrough team. To use the Breakthrough website first, an individual must find a therapist. This can be search by location, provider type, insurance, or specialty. Then an account must be created in order to contact a...