Only Money Motivates

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As the affirmative team, we believe the statement that only money motivates is true for businesses and employees throughout history. Money is capable of representing almost anything, respect, status, affluence; it can also symbolise disrespect, inability and contempt. Hence, we seek money. Through money we gain what we need and desire. "There is no doubt we live in a money motivated world. Any amount of human relations cannot compensate for lack of monetary reward." (Accel-Team, 2004) Motivation, making an employee want to do something, is almost impossible through any means. Therefore we define the phrase "only money motivates" as referring to financial incentives used to entice employees into performing specific tasks. (Kohn 1998)However, money does not only to motivate employees in specific tasks. Grote (2000) believes that money is an important influence in other areas of the workplace. In a situation where a job seeker is applying at two different companies for similar employment, the amount of money paid in salary, commission or wages is probably the biggest determinant of an individual's choice of which offer to accept.

In fact, jobs available with lower pay are often seen as assistant or apprentice work at the bottom of the career ladder. The fact that money takes precedence over all other factors is case in point that only money motivates.

Once employees are hired, remuneration in sufficient amounts will decrease turnover. Employees will be reluctant to leave a well paying job, particularly if similar work is paid less elsewhere. More importantly, those with high pay are seen to be of a higher status. Other companies who pay their employees a lesser amount will be seen as less successful. Employees who are paid more are seen as more skilful and demand greater respect than their less generously paid counterparts. If an employee...