Only You

Essay by Kerry_901 August 2005

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Summary: Two ruling powers in my life: depression and God. But I can't serve two masters. My poem of jumbled thoughts and overall worship of God.


The way I am

The way you are

Don't touch the positive to the negative

Yet your calls touch me like

The sound of silence

But beyond me, you are there

Through the fog and the rain and the storms

You wait to hold me

Only you can purify me

Only you can erase

This pain that threatens to take hold

And destroy me

Losing handholds

Fighting my way to the top

You give and take

You took my savior...

But that's the lesson in this.

Only you are my savior

Only you can heal me

My eyes, though have seen many sights,

Wish to seek you alone

Blessed are the brokenhearted

For they will be healed.

I'm tired of waiting, God.

Only you can give me everything I want

Only you can end my suffering.