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There are some problems with the validity of the Ontario Education Act (O.E.A.), relating to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (C.C.R.F.). A couple of rights and freedoms that are in the C.C.R.F. are violated in the O.E.A., which is quite unfair, disrespectful, and disgraceful to the Constitution itself. Simply to imagine that the Ministry of Education would practically kick the C.C.R.F. to the curb, because it is afraid it would produce one less hypothetical doctor in the entire nation by seeing him as "distracted" by another student's t-shirt "wild" shirt, is just plain stupid.

Section 302.5 states that: "...a board shall establish [...] appropriate dress for pupils within the board's jurisdiction." Which I read as: "We tell you what to wear, and you listen, or else." Section 302.5 should be repealed from the O.E.A., because it is shame to the Charter in section 2b) where it clearly states: freedom of thought, belief, opinion, and EXPRESION.

I dislike the fact that a ministry says 'you cannot express yourself, because you might distract/offend others,' because they are violating the Charter. Section 7) also states: Everyone has the right to life, liberty, and SECURITY OF PERSON..." Little Johnny might feel unsafe not wearing spikes, studs, dog collars, and long spikes, possibly because he feels if someone or something tries to harm him, he has that scary effect which will make them rethink to harass or bully this kid. Since these spikes are outlawed in schools, little Johnny, who is a good, honest, innocent, polite student, will feel insecure, scared, and vulnerable. Sections 2, 7, and 15 are the biggest, most famous sections in the Charter. These sections should not be violated, or modified for any reason, because if the Head of the school board can modify the Charter believing everyone...