Ontario As A Region State

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Ontario An Emerging Region-State Often when Canadians conceive of the possibility of a province claiming sovereignty they just may typically think of the 1980, 1987, and 1995 referendums concerning Quebec province. Today there are economic ideas lending to the notion of a ?region state? that would imply a very different style of separation between, in the instance of Canada, provinces and the actual country. Ontario is one such province that is unique suited for such a transformation.

Ontario has a population of over 11,000,000, over 50% more than Quebec, and 37% of Canada?s total population. It produces 40% of Canada?s GNP, and has shown strong signs that its economy will continue to develop despite some of its economic vulnerabilities, as will be seen. For instance, since postwar Ontario in 1941, when 25% of its workforce was in agriculture, there has been a steady pull of the workforce into industry whereby only 5% of its workforce was in agriculture by 1975.

Also, its services share output for the country has risen from 25% in 1940 to 56% by 1975. Bell Telephone, Ontario Hydro, Inglis, Massey Ferguson, INCO, GM, and various institutions of the federal and provincial civil service are in Ontario accounting for 65% of all Canadian jobs in the service sector. Per capita incomes have tripled from 1939 to 1975. The intent of the 1879 National Policy was to favor East-West trade over North-South trade with legal, institutional, and social comity. The sheer size of US markets has dominated the flow creating strong North-South trade particularly with Ontario. Ontario is not alone in shifting from East-West trade to more internationally based trade. British Columbia?s main exports are to the Pacific Rim and North Western US; Alberta?s to the Texas Gulf; Saskatchewan and Alberta?s both to the US Midwest; Quebec?s...