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English 101


If everyone didn't have an ego of always being right and set their differences aside, than this place that we live in would be very different. If everyone always thought before they spoke and put themselves in the other person shoes; then we would have a somewhat better understanding of how the other person really feels and have a better reaction towards each other. Everyone is quick to judge each other and its something ridiculous because our first judgment stays with us and it could be good or it can be bad but we always stick with the negative. I believed maturity plays role in open mindedness but that you must understand that not everyone changes to open-mindedness. If everyone was raised from an early childhood with open mindedness than we have very minimum of problems today or the future.

I was lucky enough to have a huge family that lived all around me.

My grandparents live right next door to my left and to the right lived my aunt. Across the street there lived my uncle and the other street ahead of us lived more of my family members. Every Sunday we would have family dinner all together and we would all have great time with laughter and jokes. All my mom brothers and sisters care for each other very dearly all 10 of them. I came to really realize this when I turned 13 when I went to my friend's family reunion. It was very different from my family reunion. It was more polite but less laughter. It felt like there was little less of love and it was always once in a while they had a reunion. At the reunion I felt like my friend wasn't allow to speak I front...