How To Operate a Stick Shift Transmission. It is a process essay that could use a better thesis statement.

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Operating A Stick Shift Transmission

Driving is a part of everyday life for a majority of adult Americans, but many of them have not experienced driving a standard stick shift transmission. Driving a stick seems more complicated than driving an automatic, but it makes driving more exciting. There are also many advantages to driving a stick transmission rather than automatic transmission, such as the transmission will last longer, less gas will be wasted, and the car will go faster more easily.

A car that has a stick shift transmission has an extra pedal called a clutch, and five different speeds found on the shifter. Driving a five-speed transmission places the most emphasis on being able to control your left foot, and timing your left foot to hit the clutch at the precise time. To get started driving a stick shift the learner should be accompanied by a person who already knows how to operate a stick transmission.

The best place to practice and learn how to drive a stick transmission is in a large, open vacant parking lot. The learner should next familiarize themself with the differences between a stick shift transmission and an automatic transmission. In the parking lot with the vehicle's engine turned off, apply the right foot to the brake pedal, and practice getting a feel of the clutch pedal by pushing it in and out with your left foot. Then the learner should view the shift pattern shown on the top of the shift knob. First gear is usually located by pushing the shift lever forward. Then, with the clutch pedal pushed all the way down, move the gearshift lever through the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and reverse gears a few times and then put the gearshift lever into neutral. Neutral is located in...