Operating in International Markets Simulation Summary

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Operating in International Markets Simulation Summary

"Operating in International Markets" Simulation Summary

Complete the simulation "Operating in International Markets" located on the eResource page for this course and write a 500-700 word paper (using complete sentences) answering the following questions:

What will confuse the consumers more-if Conserra adopts the same packaging as the local fruit juice concentrate brands, or if they introduce a different packaging?

More than likely, it would confuse consumers more if they introduced a different packaging. Introducing new packaging may not be well received. A company's promotion policy, like its branding, packing, distribution policies and must be coordinated within the marketing effort and the consumer norms of the country. This involves doing market research on customers, analyzing their needs, wants, desires, and then making strategic decisions about product design, service, pricing, promotion and distribution.

Will the use of a local celebrity dilute JusFruitz's brand equity, since it is a global brand?

No certainly not, the marketing efforts used by JusFruitz locally would be quite different in other areas of the globe.

If anything, their ability to switch gears and conform to the local consumers in each of the markets that they operate may increase brand equity. In today's world, marketing is treated differently. Marketing is not only restricted till selling of goods and services. In most of the companies, managers believe that marketing means distribution of goods, promotion, pricing and sales

How does this work for other global brands?

It works the same for other brands. Implementing an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) strategy helps connect the customer and consumer with the brand. MC weaves together a broad array of traditional and innovative communication tools and techniques in highly coordinated customer-focused programs

By shifting its best performing brands to a joint venture,