An operating system is a program that acts an intermediary betweena user of a computer and the computer hardware.

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The Operating System With Advantages and Disadvantages Nowadays,

most of the computers are using the Window as their operating system.

Microsoft-designed computer operating system, a program that controls

the basic functions of personal computers. Windows started life as

Microsoft?s take on a graphical user interface (GUI). Windows 3.0,

Window 3.1, and Window 3.11 were the three earliest versions of

Microsoft?s Windows operating system. Windows 95 is a major upgrade to

Windows 3.1. This operating system is a true operating system and not

an operating environment as were the 3.x version of Windows. Windows 95

does not require a separate version of DOS, although some DOS features are

included for compatibility. One advantage of Windows 95 is its improved

graphical user interface, which makes working with files and programs

easier than earlier versions. Another advantage of Windows 95 is most

programs run faster under it because it is written to take advantage of

newer 32-bit processors and supports cooperative multitasking.

Window 95

includes support for peer-to-peer networking and e-mail. Windows 95 does

not include the tools for developing Internet Web pages and operating

Web page server.

After some times, Microsoft comes out another operating system to

upgrade the Windows 95which named as Windows 98. Windows 98 is able to

provide faster system startup and shutdown, better file management,

support for few multimedia technologies such as digital video disk

(DVD) and Web TV. Windows 98?s Internet integration allows for automatic

delivery of Web pages to your computer and an optional Web page-like user

interface. Like Windows 95, Windows 98 can run 16 and 32 bit software,

which means it can run software designed for DOS and other versions

of Windows. Windows 98 comes with excellent online help specifically

designed to troubleshoot gaffe with your hardware, operating system,

and applications. It?s...