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IntroductionThe Australian operation followed an FBI investigation, Operation Falcon, which exposed five international child pornography websites in the former Soviet Union, Belarus with funds being laundered in Florida which processed the payments. Hundreds of child pornography subscribers were charged in the US and Britain, and also in Australia.

In March 2003, an investigation codenamed, Operation Auxin saw the execution 400 search warrants, almost 200 arrests and the seizure of computers estimated to contain as many as two million images of child abuse and six people committed suicide over the allegations.

Most of the people who were arrested, work with or had access to children. These included teachers, doctors, defence force personnel, child care owners, police officer, current member of parliament and one former member of parliament, police officers, military personnel, lawyers, religious ministers, doctors, nurses and other professionals such as an engineer and even a truck driver.

Now Australian Federal Police (AFP) have joined forces with international colleagues, including the FBI, to launch a virtual global taskforce to try to track down those buying and selling child pornography online.

Child PornographyWhat is Child PornographyChild pornography is inseparable from child sexual abuse. With the rise of ever cheaper technologies like the video camera and the video recorder, the production distribution of child pornography has become very much easier and with less risk. Increasingly the Internet is being used as a way to exchange child pornography through chat rooms and also websites.

Child pornography can be defined as sexually explicit reproductions of a child's image. This includes sexually explicit photographs, movies, videotapes and computer disks.

Collections of child pornography include books, magazines, articles, newspapers, photographs, movies, albums, videotapes personal letters, diaries, and clothing of the collector’s favourite child. (MAKO 2005)The Growth of the Child Pornography IndustrySex tourists, mainly from visits in Asia,