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Discussion and Review Questions #1,3,4,6,9

1. Location decisions are closely tied to an organization's strategies.

Location choices can impact capacity and flexibility.

Location decisions entail a long-term commitment and have an impact on investment requirement, operating costs and revenues, and operations.

3. The community factors include facilities for education, shopping, recreation, transportation, religious worship, and entertainment, the quality of police, fire, and medical of service, locate attitude toward the company, and the size of community.

4. The similar is both have strategies to support-Communities must want them.

The different include raw material, workers and regulations.

6. Factor rating is a technique that can be applied to a wide range of decisions ranging from personal to professional choosing.

Factor rating is a general approach that is useful for evaluating a given alternative and comparing alternatives.

9. Just in time manufacturing techniques-this encourage suppliers to locate near their customers to reduce supplier lead times.

Microfactories-located near their customers.

Taking Stock

1. Business involved in storing and disturbing goods often choose a central location.

2. A low-cost producer might result in locating where labor or material costs are low.

A strategy of increasing profits might result in locating in high-traffic areas.

3. Mixed integer programming algorithms

Use heuristic approaches to obtain reasonable solutions to location problems

Critical thinking exercises

2. I think the owner should consider the how many the potential customers for the new store, the cost for open a new store. And there is no need for open a new store if solving the issue by hiring more employees.

4. Open a chemical factory near the river which dumps its waste into the river.

Close the market but don't take into the impact on a community.

Discussion and Review Questions #1,3,4,6,9

1. Location decisions are closely tied to an organization's...