Operational Motivation Plan. This paper attempts to define the role of the manager, the role of the organization and the specific incentive elements of the plan.

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Running Head: Operational Motivation Plan

Operational Motivation Plan

Donna Tyree

Human Relations and Organization Behavior/Org 502

Patrick Sherman

September 30, 2003

Operational Motivational Plan for Child Protective Services

In today's cmplex and challenging business world, motivating employees in the workplace is an ongoing area of concern to management. In an era of corporate buyouts, downsizing, and budget cuts motivating employees whose jobs have been radically changed or completely done away with is not a job for those without a sound plan to guide them along the treacherous road to success. That road to success can be traveled by using one of the following comtemporary motivational theories that have been tested and seem to hold up under close examination. Goal Setting, expectancy theory and equity theory are just three of the six theories that Robbins uses to illustrate the ways in which employees can be motivated to perform in a way that exceeds their current level of acheivement.

Equity Theory

Equity theory states that employees strive for equity between themselves and other workers. Equity is achieved when the ratio of employee outcomes over inputs is equal to other employee outcomes over inputs. When some feels that what they are receiving from the work that they contribute is unfairly rewared compared to what others are receiving for the same work the worker will feel negatively about their work. The employee will seek to find equality with other workers by reducing their input or seeking to receive more equitable remuneration for their input. When a worker feels that they are over compensated for contributions in the workplace the employee will try to increase the quantity or quality of their work.

Child Welfare employees working for the State of Arizona are consistently reminded that Child Protective Services (CPS) Caseworkr get, on average, 16 new...