Operationalizing Constructs

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Operationalizing Constructs


Operationalization construct is the process of defining an unclear perception so as to make the concept measurable in form of variables consisting of definite explanation.

The airline has a good safety record; public opinion often focuses extremely on accidents. Safety is influenced by many aspects such as organization, operations, preservation, atmosphere, aircraft design, and air traffic control.


Federal government airline safety is about to become less intelligible and more divisive due to the present-day terrorist treats. However, the Federal Government Administration will this month release the results of a safety audit that the airlines say was so botched by the agency as to be confusing to the flying public and damaging to carriers. It will give some bad marks to the major airlines, which carry 80% of all passengers in the world's safest system. Federal government describes briefly about the safety of the airlines the points are as follows;

The federal government should consider airline security as a national protection issue, and offer considerable funding for capital improvements.

The federal government should establish federally commanded standards for airline security developments. These developments should include standards for use of Explosive Detection System (EDS) equipments, guidance programs for safety personnel, use of automated bag match technology, development of profiling programs, and deployment of explosive detection canine teams.

Access to airport proscribed areas must be secured and the physical security of aircraft must be ensured.

The Commission considers that each of its proposals is practicable. But, the Commission has no influence to implement its suggestions. That authorized responsibility lies with government and industry. Many of the airline safety proposals will require additional funding, and they require constant consideration. It urges the incoming leadership of the DOT and the FAA to make fulfillment of these recommendations...