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Tyrus Mann

Mr. Meadows

Operations Management

9 December 2011

Forecasting Sales

The Article purpose is to let the reader know that sales forecasting in underdeveloped countries are different then developed countries. The article tells about the purpose about marketing research techniques can reduce the difference between a country's productive capacity and the demand for its production. It tells about the five phases of economic development. The five phases were pre-industrial of commercial, primary manufacturing, non-durable and semi-durable, capital goods and consumer-durable goods, and export of manufactured products. The article tells about the problems in forecasting. It also gives a brief historical analogy. The article gives an input and output theory. The article tells about how historic patterns can be broken by changes in tastes and variations in relative. The article talks about the factors that are considered in forecasting. This tells you how the Rate of Industrial Progress works. Tell about the cost and price relationship in forecasting.

The article gives example of development of chemical markets.

The article main concept is to let the reader know what to do when dealing with forecasting.

The article "Forecasting Sales in Underdeveloped countries is telling the reader differences how forecasting works in underdeveloped and developed countries. The subject of the things to do tells subject on what not to do in underdeveloped countries. It breaks down the five phases a manager has to go through in an economic development. It tells the reader the problems that are in forecasting and how to deal with them. The article gives a historical analogy about the estimating demand, useful comparisons that may be drawn with countries at similar past development stages and income levels. It also gives the reader terms such as climate and traditional consumption patterns. The article explains the importance on the input...