Operations management

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Operations Management

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 2

Introduction 3

Company position and profile 3

Typology of operation 4

Volume 4

Variety 5

Variation 5

Visibility 5

Operation objectives 5

Operations strategies 7

Conclusion 8

References 9

Executive Summary

Operations management is a critically functioning area in any business today. The most important function of operation management is to minimize costs while adding value to the services and products of the organization. This report explores management processes used by a small medium sized company, FreshMinds, which is based in Uk. The report looks into the four typologies of operation management and their effect to the company as well as look at performance objectives. Operations strategies are also analyzed and recommendations given to assist this company with its strategic objectives.

Managing an operation is a crucial and the most important aspect in our business world today. Producing utter most quality and quality of products at a minimum cost to the industry and adding value and virtue to the service and products of the organization is the most important aspect of today's business world.

This report will reflect and explore the management processes of "FreshMinds" a small medium size innovation consultancy and recruitment consultancy firm based in London, UK. We will look into the four operations management typologies that refect the performances objective of the firm and various others aspect like strategies, analysis and also the recommendation. ---


Operation management is the process concerned with ensuring that all organizations processes of manufacturing goods and services are performed effectively and efficiently through good control of the production function and operating system (Render & Heizer, 2006). Operation management is also termed as business process management because its function is to structure processes and manage resources in an organization in order to develop the...