Operations management as a source of competitive advantage

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Executive Summary2


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Executive Summary

The following assignment looks at operations management as a source for gaining a competitive advantage, operations management and TQM are defined and discussed as to their importancy in the organisation. The differing ways of gaining a competitive advantage are explained as is the way organisational structures and the implementation of technologies aid the building of these advantages.

The Cambrian Conservatory and window world is used as an example of efficient operations management.


Operations management is based around the decision-making associated with the use of resources that enable an organisation to provide products that satisfy customers and enable the organisation to compete with others in the same market on cost, quality, speed, dependability and flexibility.

Superior performance within an organisation can be achieved by gaining a competitive advantage.

"The essence of competitive advantage can be interpreted as the asymmetry or differential among firms along any comparable dimension that allows one firm to compete better than its rivals."(1)

It is argued that quality is the most important of all competitive weapons, attention to quality within an organisation means improved performance in reliability, deliver and price.

Quality can be defined as "the fitness for purpose or use"(2)and it has been stated that "quality should be aimed at the needs of the consumer, past and present"(3).

In the following assignment, the implementation of operations management techniques to increase competitive advantage will be discussed with references to organisations that have used these techniques. The Cambrian Conservatory and window world (CCWW), a Swansea based double-glazing company will be the main source of study.

Section A: theory

Operations Management

Operating systems within an organisation span across the following areas:Manufacture




Operations managers deal with processes within these areas, processes are...